Network & System Integration

Network Integration

Cyberace Data Network Solutions & Services offers a well-modeled network that connects user devices to IT resources securely with high performance. It is a network that carries information around. Structure Cabling is essential and important to get it designed and installed correctly first time and cater for future growth and flexibility for the network. Once your network is installed correctly and perfectly, it could serve you well for several years till your next relocation. Coupled with detailed Assessment and Planning engagement, our engineers and consultants plan and design a robust network that will allow your business to cost effectively plan, install, and manage the complex passive and active network components required. Our passive and active networking service offerings span the entire E2E lifecycle include Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment.

We Design, Deploy & Manage

High speed, high available and scalable Data Center network that is architected considering best of the breed technologies like, multi-tenant for multiple DC environments (like Development, Test, Production etc.), layered approach (Core, distribution & Server farm), Virtualized – end-to-end, Unified for Ethernet and FC connectivity (FCoE), load managed and spanned across DC-DR. Cyberace offers comprehensive services that includes Consulting, Design, Implementation, Integration and Support services for Data Center Networks.

WANs allow companies to centralise IT infrastructure rather than house servers at every business location. In the age of cloud computing, WANs are still a very important part of the IT strategy for most businesses, largely because they and increase the performance of business-critical applications, cutting downtime and increasing productivity. Software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) take this even further by automatically balancing workloads to maximise cost-efficiencies while optimising applications and traffic across multiple uplinks.

A properly designed and installed structured cabling system provides a cabling infrastructure that delivers predictable performance as well as has the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system. Due to increase bandwidth demand on end-user network to increased productivity and the end-point technology change which created the demand of more PoE; which can be carried on Cat6a and above cabling standards to achieve the e uture end-point demand.

System Integration

We represent almost every industry-leading brand in end-point compute space. We offer systems built on Windows and Open Source OS. Our Server compute portfolio covers most well renowned brands across the globe. We can offer the most scalable, reliable, and secure compute platform. Based on the application requirements our compute platform offers entry-level to high-density blades providing performance and energy efficiency.We offer right fit system compute products with respect to customer preferred styling and performance by representing major personal & server compute systems vendors like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer & other respective brands.

We Provide & Manage

Talk about features, styling and performance and you will find that all and more with our range of system compute products. These products ate developed to operate in a green environment and bear the stamp of respective vendors commitment to excellence and quality.For end point compute requirements for Desktop PCs and Portable PCs. We represent almost all industry leading brands in end-point compute space. We offer systems built on Windows and Open Source OS.

Our Server compute portfolio is representation of most well renowned brands. You will experience the most scalable, reliable, and secure compute platform. Based on the application our compute platform offers tower based entry-level to rack-mount servers to provide performance and energy efficiency.Server Compute Solutions simplify IT infrastructure management with cost-effective, reliable and efficient technologies that integrate seamlessly. The diverse range of these energy-saving servers meet most budgets and the increased efficiency and productivity saves time and money.