Audio Visual Integration

Audio Visual Solutions

This is one of the major focus of Cyberace where we do end-to-end Audio Visual turnkey solutions from consulting, Designing, and Deploy and maintain, in which we partnered with best of breed alliances to refurbish your Audio-Visual automation system infrastructure and extends a unique opportunity to leverage the latest technology products and services at competitive costs.
Our solutions for Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, On Demand VC Rooms, Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Auditoriums have a variety of unified interfaces from button based wall panels, wall touch panels, and desktop-wired touch panels to wireless touch panels like iPad or any Android based device.
We help you to design and deploy the right fit AV Solutions. The integrated AV solutions from Cyberace facilitate the complete control and automation of audio, video, lighting and other electromechanical devices in any type of room. Our seamless integration and simple user interfaces help our clients; make a great impact when communicating to internal and external stakeholders.

We offer entire range of boardroom & conference room solution based on the functionality required by our client we design the environment for In-house meetings or video conferencing meetings, improves client interactions, flexibility and helps reduce travel expenses and improve efficiency.

Value proposition for Conference & Meeting rooms

We design modern boardroom features high-resolution displays of upto 4K for improved image clarity. These displays can also be touch sensitive, which allows information to be annotated to convey ideas in a more dynamic and precise way.
Wireless presentation technology enables BYOD, which allows presenters to walk in even with handheld device like smartphone, tablet, and present content seamlessly and wireless. High Intuitive control systems let the presenter get the room lighting, projector and other devices ready with the touch of single button. These smart room technologies allow the automation and customization of room environments so they are more comfortable and simpler to adopt for different use scenarios.
Our solution for multiple meeting and training room allow organization to meet the high demands of meeting & collaborative room availability. We offer centralized system to book a meeting or any conference room based on the functional requirements of the users
We offer Meeting Scheduler, a powerful, flexible, versatile meeting room manager which gives complete flexibility allow users to book a room based on his requirements from his workstation, you can restrict bookings to some users or let all users book rooms, Equipment and services can be defined for quick search feature. This can be seamlessly integrated with outlook, exchange server & active directory, it can guide visitor that show them how to locate their office and where to park vehicle.

As businesses evolve, single-use spaces are falling out of favor. Instead, organizations are choosing multi-use spaces that can be combined and configured to suit a wide range of activities. Examples include hotel and convention center ballrooms, lunchroom and cafeteria spaces that can be converted into meeting halls, and ballrooms that can be combined with adjacent rooms or divided using floating walls to accommodate audiences of different sizes. By definition, multi-use spaces must be flexible in terms of use and capacity, as well as room setup. In many facilities, a single-multi use space could host a lecture in the morning, a standing-room-only meeting in the afternoon, and a seated formal dinner in the evening.

Value proposition for multi-use spaces

Networked Media Systems are particularly adept at supporting modular rooms that require quick and robust reconfiguration capabilities. Our proposed solution can manage all the audio and video processing in each of the rooms, and distribute the audio and video both within the room and across the network to other rooms. In addition, this platform is capable of interfacing with and moving audio between multiple protocols, from AVB/TSN to CobraNet® to Dante™.
If paging is required, it offers voice evacuation, zoned paging, networked paging, and more. Integrating paging with ambient noise compensation allows the paging volume to adjust up or down automatically, depending on the space's ambient volume. This ensures pages are audible and intelligible, which is critical during times of emergency, without being overly loud during normal business operations.

The trend of open office environments—where dozens of workers share an open floor plan without traditional closed offices or cubicles—shows no sign of slowing. However, everyone still needs a private space to conduct meetings and conference calls without disturbing their colleagues. Traditional conference rooms are too large and formal for everyday collaboration needs. Huddle spaces are a natural complement to this growing need.

Value proposition for huddle rooms

We believe every gathering space, no matter how small, should be equipped with a high-quality audio and video conferencing solution that allows people to communicate and engage, the proposed solution with a single USB 3.0 connection, it connects your laptop to the technology in your collaboration space, giving you instant access to the room’s displays, speakers, microphone, web camera, and other tools. You are free to collaborate in a small, private setting without compromising on technology. With active beam forming microphones, colleagues on the far end can follow the conversation in real-time, allowing the discussion to flow as naturally as it would if everyone were present in the same room.

The CEO Town Hall has become an important component of the internal communications strategy at many leading organizations. However, in today’s globally dispersed enterprise, many companies have been forced to spend money on expensive conference bridges, live venues, travel and accommodations. These methods are not only costly for any organization, but limit the potential audience that can view simultaneously.
Town hall meetings help corporations augment their top-down communication model with a more direct broadcast method. These types of meetings facilitate the presenter to address a large audience situated in available open spaces.

Value proposition for huddle rooms

We offer a rich media video webcasting platform for live streaming CEO Town Halls or all-hands meetings to the entire workforce. Visual & Sound are basic needs of solutions but it is also essential to accommodate additional AV device like mixers, digital singe, Multi-Media stream & broadcast, control & more. Increase Audience Engagement; a key factor in determining if your corporate communications is effective is employee engagement with the content. To ensure engagement, our proposed end-to-end solution suit allows you to enhance your CEO Town hall meeting with PowerPoint slides and pre-recorded video, as well as interactive tools, such as chat, moderated Q&A, polls, and surveys.

Our product line for Digital Signage Software used for dynamic digital media networks in retail, banking, education, entertainment, food service industry, government and other industries for diverse applications such as advertising networks, corporate communications, digital billboards, digital posters, hotel lobby signage and convention center signage.
In today’s ever changing environment, technology plays a crucial role. LED technology is creating better display options for promotion, entertainment and communication. We specialize in smart LED solutions that create WOW factor for brands. Our LED video walls are made of SMD/DIP technology.With various permutations and combinations we create highly customizable Indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor LED video walls. Depending upon the viewing distance the pixel pitches are decided for video walls. We provide range of pixel pitches from 3 mm to 50 mm and more. As per the prerequisite of client’s site the video wall option is suggested and even customized.

Value proposition for huddle rooms

Let your brand speak loudly through our cloud based Media Digital Signage Solutions ; a comprehensive commercial digital content creator, editor and distributor. It control and manage your remote digital displays located any where in the world from one central location. We propose indoor video wall LED displays made up of SMD (Surface-mount-device-light-emitting-code). The space amongst two LED’s (pixel pitch) is less in this technology; as a result indoor LED displays are evident even from the shortest distance. Our outdoor video wall LED displays are compatible with various input formats, such as DVD players, cable TV, Internet & intranet etc. Due to DIP technology that is used the outdoor video walls are sturdy, durable & very bright. Unlike other LED video walls, XM outdoor LED displays are viewable in direct sunlight. The picture quality is not compromised in our solution, hence the display is crystal clear despite it’s a daytime or nighttime.